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Working Water Dog

This is the level where the dog begins retrieving articles off a boat. It is also the level where you can't control your dog between exercises with their harness. You'll need a reliable retrieve and some off leash control.

The 5 exercises are...

drag the gear bag to the boat
retrieve a dummy thrown 60' off the boat
retrieve 3 articles off the boat. The dummy, float line, and buoy ball are thrown off the boat. The dog must retrieve them one at a time, without getting on the boat between the retrieves.
The dog is transferred to a second boat and rowed away from the handler. On command the dog will jump into the water and retrieve a dummy that has been thrown between the two boats.
The 10' floating line is placed in the water 60' from the boat. Without seeing it drop the dog must be directed to retrieve the line.

Small dummy with rope
Price: $10.00

Medium size dummy with rope
Price: $12.00

Plastic Knobby Dummy
Price: $9.50

Great Gear Bag
Price: $38.00

Indestructible Buoy Ball
Price: $36.00

Junior-Apprentice Kit
Price: $97.50

Padded Water Harness
Price: $48.00

Padded Water Harness - Custom Colors
Price: $55.00

Personalized Gear Bag
Price: $50.00

10 foot floating line
Price: $33.00

Limited Edition Gear Bags
Price: $42.00

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