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Apprentice Water Dog (AWD)

The Apprentice Water Dog is the first titling level. Like the higher levels, there are 5 exercises. You do not need to take or pass the Junior level test to be eligible to take the Apprentice level test.

As in Junior, the handler must wear a US Coast Guard approved life vest, and closed toe shoes.

The dog must wear a harness. You will need a dummy, an object for the underwater retrieve*, and a 10' floating line.

* The test rules give you a choice of three articles for the underwater retrieve. We recommend the 3-handle toy because there isn't any danger that it won't be approved for use during the test. The other two options are a weighted wiffle ball or a bait bucket.

The Apprentice exercises are:

Underwater retrieve
Retrieve dummy from shore (60')
Dummy carry to handler near the boat, boat ride, and recall to handler.
Retrieve floating line from shore.
Measured time and distance swim. Swim out to the 60' marker at least once and continue swimming for 2 minutes.

3 Handle Fetch Toy
Price: $12.00

Small dummy with rope
Price: $10.00

Medium size dummy with rope
Price: $12.00

Plastic Knobby Dummy
Price: $9.50

Junior-Apprentice Kit
Price: $97.50

Padded Water Harness
Price: $48.00

Padded Water Harness - Custom Colors
Price: $55.00

10 foot floating line
Price: $33.00

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