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Grooming is an important part of your dogs health and their relationship with you. A well groomed dog will look better and be more comfortable.
Whether you groom your dog yourself, or have a professional groomer do it, we have resources for you.

If you just want a guide to the shape of the clips, or your groomer needs help making your PWD look like a PWD, the laminated grooming chart is color coded to show exactly how to cut both a lion or retriever clip.

Besides trimming, there are a couple of key factors that will help keep your PWDs coat in great condition.

Don't let it get out of hand. It's much harder to get a coat back in shape, than it is to maintain it in the first place.  If you notice a mat forming get it out now, before it gets worse. There are products and tools to make that job easier. 

Keep your dog in good health.Poor nutrition can easily be reflected in a coat that is dry and dull looking or itchy skin. If you see a change in your dog's coat without other explanation you might try changing their food. Poor coat condition can also be a reflection of underlying health problems, so if good care isn't clearing up the problem, you might want to check with your vet.

Aluminum Super Comb
Price: $19.00

Pixie Boot (single)
Price: $12.00

Untangler Comb
Price: $10.00

Grooming Chart
Price: $10.00

Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder
Price: $30.00

Universal Slicker - Medium
Price: $8.50

Universal Slicker - Large
Price: $10.50

Pet Hair Puller
Price: $8.50

Untangler Pro Brush
Price: $18.00

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