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Pixie Boot (single)
Pixie Boot (single) Price: $12.00

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These are show boots, rain boots, snow boots and more! If you need to keep those feet clean for the show ring these are the boots you need. (They also will work as pee boots for boys with bad aim!) Also great for keeping the paws clean when being entertained with a messy marrow bone to chew! Very useful if a foot injury occurs and it needs to be kept dry or the dog shouldn't lick it! Made of a heavy weight nylon with a water resistant inside coating. The bottoms are a heavier black cordura. They have 2 elastic straps with velcro ends.

The water resistant interior keeps the dampness out, but in really wet weather I put baggies over the dog's feet. The elastic can be tightened if necessary by tying a knot in it.

The boots come in two heights, and are sold as singles - not in pairs. (If you need just one, for that one white foot, that's how many you can buy.) $12.00 each.

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