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Hot off the press! This year's Nutmeg Calendar is, as always, chock full of beautiful Portuguese Water Dogs from around the world.

Get your calendar(s) before we run out.


Our easy to use Mesh Training Treat Pouch has been tested and givena thumbs up by many water trainers! It has a Velcro across the inside top and can be attached to any garment with the small suspender clip
at the end of the tab. Available in several colors.

Focus Dog Treats are the Ultimate Training Treat. They are a non-greasy, high reward value training treat. All ingredients are sourced in the US and the sticks are made in Nebraska.!

If you are training a puppy, you know the dangers of them slipping away from you. This floating rope will help you "get a handle" on your pup on land OR in the water. Length is 25'



Our padded water harness is a hit no matter the season as they also work well for activities like tracking and biking and come in an assortment of vibrant colors

Our Pixie Boots are perfect for keeping those feet clean for the show ring. They also will work as pee boots for boys with bad aim and for keeping the paws clean when being entertained with a messy marrow bone to chew! The water resistant interior keeps the dampness out.

The boots come in two heights, and are sold as singles - not in pairs.

The Untangler Comb is back in stock! You and your dog will both love how much easier this comb makes it to thoroughly comb through those waves and curls.

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