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Do you need assistance socializing and training your puppy?  Are you struggling with groooming your PWD?  Are you looking forward longingly to the time when you and your pup can play in the water or compete in a water trial?

We've gathered all your favorites here to help you with that and to have fun with your PWD in the upcoming year.


Puppy Socialization; An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness.

This book dispels many untruths and myths about socialization and offers hundreds of tips and suggestions for breeders and owners on how to properly socialize puppies.

Focus Dog Treats are the Ultimate Training Treat. They are a non-greasy, high reward value training treat. All ingredients are sourced in the US and the sticks are made in Nebraska.!

If you are training a puppy, you know the dangers of them slipping away from you. This floating rope will help you "get a handle" on your pup on land OR in the water. Length is 25'


The Untangler Comb is back in stock! You and your dog will both love how much easier this comb makes it to thoroughly comb through those waves and curls.

If you are trying your hand at grooming your own PWD, you will love this laminated Grooming Chart for scissoring and clipping using snap-on combs. Addresses curly and wavy coat differences and show vs. pet trims. This is also a  great addition to every breeder's puppy packet.

Author Donna Chicone, owned by PWDs, Jazz & Jive, has written Being A Super Pet Parent to help all dog owners, be it experienced or a first-time pet parent, develop and foster a long and loving relationship with their canine companion.

Our padded water harness is a hit no matter the season as they also work well for activities like tracking and biking and come in an assortment of vibrant colors

These vibrant dummies have been MIA for 2 years! They are back and have added a spotted dummy for us! These dummies are soft, pliable, and yet, tough and durable. They are easy-to-throw and are 2” x 12”

Our Junior-Apprentice kit includes the entire set of equipment you will need for the Junior and Apprentice water trial levels, all packed in the Great Gear Bag (which you will need for the working level).

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