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Are you ready for fall?  It is just around the corner...

The cooler temperatures of fall provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor activies with your PWD.  

No matter the season we have goodies to make all your PWD adventures more fun. Our newest (and always eagerly awaited) item is the 2018 Nutmeg PWD Club Calendar featuring stunning shots from all over the globe.





Masters Bag
With the need for a smaller bag at the Masters level, to hold just the Courier Ball, we've added this well made nylon bag with a zip closure. It's available in a choice of colors, sized appropriately and with the grommeted corner through which you may attach your dog's favorite pull rope

FOCUS Beef Bits
Your dog will surely FOCUS when you have these available! Same pure and minimal ingredients and great smell & taste as our "sticks", but we now have them available pre-cut into perfect reward-sized morsels.
Training just became a bit easier!

Being a Super Pet Parent: Everything You Need to Know to Foster a Long, Loving Relationship with Your Dog 
This is a comprehensive guidebook that addresses every pertinent topic you  need to explore to give your dog the wonderful life they deserve, from why you want a dog, to how to find a dog, to raising and caring for your dog in a thoughtful manner.

Author Donna Chicone is a proud pet parent of two Portuguese Water Dogs 

Our Junior-Apprentice kit includes the entire set of equipment you will need for the Junior and Apprentice water trial levels, all packed in the Great Gear Bag (which you will need for the working level).

The Lighthouse Dummy makes a fun and fabulous retrieving toy on land or in the water.   For those training for water trials it is also great as a secondary marker when teaching the buoy ball drop.

Our padded water harness is a hit no matter the season as they also work well for activities like tracking and biking and come in an assortment of vibrant colors

Focus Dog Treats are an excellent, non-greasy, high reward value training treat.  A 2-pound package of these treats contains about 48 to 50 8" beef sticks!  All ingredients are sourced in the US and the sticks are made in Nebraska.

In Grooming Your Portuguese Water Dog, All Breed Certified Master Groomer Molly Speckhardt explains in detail how to correctly trim this breed. The book will help equip you with the tools and know how to groom and maintain your Portuguese Water Dog like a professional


Grooming? Cut your time in half!

Fishtail Scissors work like magic on both wavy and curly coats.  These fabulous shears are
now available in your choice of 16 or 21 teeth.

The PWD, Guide for the New Owner

The Portuguese Water Dog, Guide for the New Owner

Help your PWD puppy put his best paw forward by getting him off to a good start with this fabulous booklet by experienced PWD owner Verne Foster.  


Puppy Socialization; An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness.

This book dispels many untruths and myths about socialization and offers hundreds of tips and suggestions for breeders and owners on how to properly socialize puppies

Show Time for Ruffles is written by the fancy's own Ebba Patrick and illustrated by long-time PWD owner, PWDCA club member and artist Verne Foster! Written in rhyme, this book about a Portuguese Water Dog's adventure in the show ring is fun, colorful and a wonderful book to share with children and grands!


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