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Single Puppy Float Toy
Single Puppy Float Toy Price: $13.50

Code: 82-001


These toys are made exclusively for us. They are great for getting your puppy (or older dog) used to something like the the equipment they'll use for water work. (Of course, it's fun even if you are never going to do water work.) It includes one of our standard floats on a intricately knotted rope, which includes the well loved monkey's fist. The perfect play toy for introducing a puppy to the water, too! Enticing, just the right size and they can get a hold of the rope.

This is a toy to be used for supervised play, It's not a chew toy. (You wouldn't want to leave it with your dog all the time anyway. Because it is so similar to the equipment you'll be using for water work, you want to keep it as a a special fun toy, that your dog associates with having fun with you!) Since these are handmade each one is slightly different. Colors vary.

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