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Untangler Pro Brush
Untangler Pro Brush Price: $18.00

Code: 100-450


Love the Untangler Comb??
You will love this NEW Untangler Pro Brush, too!
Created with the same concept, it has rotating tines/teeth.
Can be used all over the body, but focus on the problem areas that mat first - neck, ears, chest and armpits.
I've been using it at least twice a week on my girls and am amazed at the loose hair that comes away in the brush.
This is the hair that creates MATS. It will make combing and brushing so much easier for you and your dog. No pulling!

This is great for all dogs - coats from curly & wavy to silky, long, short, double coats, wire coats.

Bonus for water dogs - it can be used on both WET or  DRY coats!

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