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Nutmeg Calendar 2021
Nutmeg Calendar 2021 Price: $15.00

Code: NM-2021


The 2021 Nutmeg Calendar is HERE and AVAILABLE!

Who isn't ready to say good-bye to 2020 - COVID 19, great limitations, protests and unrest, politics and wildfires???
Looking ahead with positive thoughts, now is the time to order your new Calendar and start penciling in dates to look forward to in 2021!
This, of course, after ogling all the beautiful PWDs gracing the pages, once again!

The new year well represents dogs from across the world - Sweden, Germany, Australia, Hungary and the list goes on! There is also a great
line-up of dogs from the USA - and all of them participating in many activities! Another year not to be missed!

Order early!

 Going to the Mini Jamboree in Seneca, SC.? ??  Pre-order your calendar, select pick-up for shipping and do just that - pick it up at the Jamboree! No postage fee!!

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