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Go-Frrr Ball
Go-Frrr Ball Price: $8.50

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The Go-Frrr Ball

"Gear of the Year Award" from AKC Family Dog Magazine

The Go-Frrr Ball is the ultimate fetch ball for fun, exercise and training!

It works like a sling shot and will go great distances. The built-in loop allows you to launch the Go-Frrr Ball up to 150 feet!  Use it in the water, too, as a great reward while training.  It fits in a pocket, so it's easy to always take with you.  Come winter, when our dogs don't get quite as much exercise, keep the Go-Frrr Ball handy... it's a terrific way to keep your dog in shape.  The ball measures 2 " (tennis ball sized) $8.50

The 10 Minute Mile! Fitness Tip

Launch the Go-Frrr Ball 125 feet. Let your dog run out, retrieve and return...that's 250 feet!  Do it again...now he/she has run a total of 500 feet. Each set of 2 launches gives your dog a 500 foot run.

Complete your 2nd set of two launches. Now your dog has run over 1000 feet. It doesn't take long to give your dog an intense workout.

Find 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week for your dog?? The 10 Minute Mile will get, and keep, your companion in great shape!

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