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Click Your Way to Rally Obedience + Clickers
Click Your Way to Rally Obedience + Clickers Price: $22.50

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Rally Obedience is the fastest growing dog sport in America!--because its fun. It's easier to do than obedience, and you can talk to your dog while competing.  This book focuses on using quick, easy, positive methods with a clicker and rewards, Dennison explains how you can train your own dog to excel in Rally.   This book breaks each of the Rally skills into small steps so both you and the dog can be successful at every step of the way. Best of all the trainings skills you learn will serve you well in anything else you want to do. You'll find many of the Rally skills are useful in obedience and learning to break things down into small steps is helpful everywhere - use the same technique training for water.

This book discusses in great detail all 3 levels in both AKC and APDT Rally.

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