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Bowser's Best Buffalo Bites
Bowser's Best Buffalo Bites Price: $7.50

Code: 43-600


These are great treats for both you and your dog. They are both soft (for the dog to eat quickly) and dryish (won't make your hands or clothes greasy.) They come in strips that are easy to break. Good for any kind of training and great in the show ring.

Made with Buffalo meat, Vitamin enriched, no preservatives, low fat.

Good for you...
Easy to break into small pieces, but will stay in a large piece that is easy to handle. Soft, easy to chew, but not greasy or sticky. Stays soft and fresh. After you open the package just store the rest in a zip lock bag.

*Made in the USA from Natural American Bison Meat. 8 oz. package $7.50

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